Here in the Mercantile you can find my entire line of Beeswax ornie's, hangers and Original one of a kind Beeswax items...designs that can only be found here in the Foothill's....including my frakturs, flicker drip candles and my feather tree candles...This is my 9th year offering my one of a kind candles...perfect decoration for your trees and garlands...as well as Christmas ornie's,  pantry boxes, pinkeeps, make-do's, samplers, penny rugs and a few antiques here and there..
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Primitive Feather Tree Icicles

These are just so dang cute!! They work perfectly with my Feather tree candles, I just love how these turned out!! Each has been made using antique cotton seed batting that has been reclaimed, twisted with rusty wire and then dipped in real German Mica flakes for that old time look and shimmer that only Mica can throw off.

These measure about 3-4 inches in length & have a nice hook for easy display. Just perfect for your feather trees and garlands too.

Primitive Feather Tree Icicles set of 10 - $18.00 plus $ 3.00 in travel fare within the USA

Primitive Icicles

I just adore how sweet these came out!! Made from antique cotton seed batting that was reclaimed, I tiwsted these up with rusty wire and then dipped them in real German Mica flakes for the very best olde time shimmer. This offering is for my large size icicles, they are 8-10 inches in length and come in a set of 6.

Set of 6 Large Primitive Icicles $9.00 Plus $3.00 in travel fare within the USA

Primitive Christmas Beeswax Gathering

A sweet gathering of 3 Beeswax Ornie's to help brighten your holidays. This gathering includes 2 snowflakes and 1 santa. Each has been hand poured using pure beeswax, blackened down and hand rubbed in my spice mix and they have rusty wire hangers.

Holiday priced at $16.00 for 1 set of 3 plus $5.00 in travel fare within the USA.

Primitive Sawdust Pillow - black

 Another of my limitied Sawdust Pillows for your consideration. This has been done by hand stenciling the design and aging, stuffed with fresh, clean wood shavings and finished off with a machine applique along the border, Top fabric is a soft, thick natural twill, the border has been done in a black star design to match the backing fabric.

Phrase shows up much darker in the photo's...it's nice aged.

This measures 15 inches by almost 9 inches wide.

Sawdust Christmas Pillow - black $ 25.00 plus $5.00 in travel fare within the USA

Primitive Christmas Sawdust Pillow - Red

This pillow has been hand stenciled and hand stitched, using a machine for the applique along the border. This measure 15 inches long by almost 9 inches wide. This has been stuffed with fresh, clean wood shavings and has that great old time look & feel. The top has been made using a soft, thick natural cotton twill. The bottom picture is a shot of the backing fabric, which matches the star machine appliqued border on front.
Red Sawdust Christmas Pillow $ 25.00 plus $5.00 Travel Fare within the USA

Primitive Bath Gathering

This gathering has been put together using a old barnwood single berry box...inside the box is a handmade and handstitched heart with the verse "if music be the food of love, play on Shakespeare" along with a vintage old bottle filled with sea salts and labeled "bath salts" and a homemade bar of oatmeal lye soap tied with aged cheese cloth...

Included is the antique ladies hankie with delicate handwork and lace...
Bath Gathering $25.00 plus travel fare of $6.00

Early Pantry Boxes

This set of Primitive Pantry Boxes has been covered in a wonderful black and cream reproduction fabric...the inside has been finished pitch black , both the inside and outside has been aged to look & feel like they were just pulled out of grandma's attic..perfect to tuck up and store all kinds of smalls...
Measurements are 6 1/2 inches tall by 10 inches wide at the bottom.
Primitive Pantry Box Set $40.00 which includes travel fare

Olde Coot...

Perfectly Primitive in all of his glory...please meet my 'Olde Coot"....handmade from osnaburg, painted black and distressed.....with a hand quilted wing......This Olde Coot sits fine on his own....

Many Thanks to Homespun Heart for the great design.
Olde Coot with travel fare included will be $30.00 within the USA.

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